After years of building a home for hiphop Angelo Martinus and Tyrone van der Meer decided to combine forces and make twenty years of street culture experience and knowledge  available to cultural organisations, governement authorities, brands, creatives and talented entrepeneurs. In Banoyi Zuma they and found a specialist in participatory process design & delivery. Their shared passion for change, co-creation and community participation resulted in Collabros a consultancy agency guided by a hip hop state of mind.

Banoyi Zuma

Roots: Born in South Africa. Proud Zulu Tribe member  |  Education : General Management at Nyenrode Business University,  Master of Business Innovation at Breda University of Applied Sciences,  Commerciële Economie at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen – Academische leergang Merkenmanagement

Motto:  No matter how small, you can always split it.  |  Inspired by: My father for flying to the other side of the world to build a life for his family.  |  Sports: Classic & contemporary Ballet, Basketball  |  Books: Social constructionism. Entering the dialogue.  |  Inspiring organisations: The Parents Circle for their ‘Hello Peace’ campaign.  |  Holidays: South Africa, Bali Indonesia.

Angelo Martinus

Roots: father Aruba, mother The Netherlands.  |  Education: Commerciële Economie at Gilde Opleidingen, Sociaal Maatschappelijke Vorming at Fontys Hogescholen.

Motto: Free your mind and the rest will follow  |  Inspired by my parents, Michael Jordan, Muhammed Ali and Goku.  |  Sport: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Martial Arts.  |  Books:  Yuval Noah Harari, Dan Brown, Harlan Coben  |  Inspiring organisations: Nike, TedX, Def Jam, Ghibli.  |  Holidays: Aruba, Spain  |  Music:  90’s hiphop, A Tribe Called Quest, Rakim

Tyrone van der Meer

Roots: father Surinam, mother Curacao  |  Education: International Business & Languages at HES Rotterdam

Motto: This is how WE do it  |  Inspired by Breakers, Top Athletes and artists  |  Inspiring organisations: Patta Amsterdam, Nike, BMW, Apple.  |  Sports:  NFL, Formule 1, Football | Books: Anything on hiphop and street culture.  |  Food: BBQ, Tex-Mex, Surinam, Lebanon. | Holidays: USA, Japan.





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